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Assistance -Daily Living Life Skills

Our Daily-Living Life Skills Program provides our participants with assistance in developing life skills that aids them in living autonomously and with confidence, NDIS funds this supports under Increased Social and Community Participation Activities. This program also provides support to participants to gain knowledge and confidence that can provide greater independence.

Our highly skilled staff is able to provide you with reliable and innovative support that is tailor-made according to our Participant’s individual needs and goals. Training is provided to inculcate skills that help with daily life activities like communication, problem solving, learning social skills and management of funds.

Life skills development improves your confidence levels and also aids with promoting independence in your everyday chores. Hola Support aims to provide you to live a better life with our exceptional support services by building your capacity to become as independent as possible. Our Life skills development support will allow you to have the ability to handle everyday challenges with ease.

Our training and Development programs include a range of life skills, for example:

  • Nutrition: such as grocery shopping and meal-planning 
  • Personal Hygiene: such as personal care, toileting 
  • Household Tasks 
  • Public Transport Training 
  • Problem solving
  • Job readiness- including resume and interview prep 
  • Liaising with Public Trustee
  • Time Management and Problem Solving 
  • Budgeting 
  • Communication and Social Skills development

What’s your Roster of Care?

Roster of Care describes the supports you’ll get from Hola Support, it helps the NDIS to decide how much support to include in your plan. We will work with to create or update your Roster of Care, if your needs have changed, you may have to get a report from a qualified Allied Health Practitioner [AHP] to show this to the NDIS.

What is included in SIL

  • Support with supervision, safety and security
  • Assistance with personal care tasks
  • Assistance with capacity building tasks (for example, meal prep and cooking, cleaning, routine development)
  • Behaviour support and social skill development
  • Administration of medication
  • Support for medical appointments
  • Community access that is not routine or regular (for example, support to complete personal tasks)
  • Support to get to and from community access activities (where this is the participant’s preference)

What is not included in SIL

  • Cost of groceries
  • Rent, board or lodging costs
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet
  • Household budgeting/bill paying activities
  • Expenses related to holidays, including travel costs
  • Personal care supports while the participant is in hospital
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) related costs (such as property maintenance costs, repairs, vacancy costs)
  • Ongoing costs and supports for vacancies (which is built into the price limit)
  • Regular community access
  • Specific funding for staff to attend training for the participant’s support needs (which is built into the price limit)
  • Shadow shifts
  • Organisational management costs
  • Allied Health staff, including those employed by SIL provider
  • Vehicle costs
  • Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) pricing
  • Justice related supports
  • Community supervision orders
  • Nursing, medical care and other health related supports
  • Items covered in other sections of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (such as transport costs, assistive technology, personal care while in the workplace, plan management, financial intermediary supports, clinical or allied health services)

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