Rapid Hospital Discharge Program [RHDP] supports Participants to exit hospital setting quickly and safely

Rapid Hospital Discharge Program

Helping people with a disability to exit hospital settings quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hola Support Services is working closely with hospitals, families and discharge professionals to help people with a disability re-enter the community and begin their journey towards finding a ‘forever home’.

Our Rapid Hospital Discharge Program [RHDP] ensures participants seeking appropriate accommodation can exit hospital settings quickly and safely during COVID-19.

We help people with a disability who are clinically ready for discharge from hospital to transition into new or temporary accommodation funded by the NDIS while providing them with the supports appropriate for their needs.


Our experienced team of disability professionals:

  • Collaborates and manages the process of discharge and transitioning back into the community.
  • Sources suitable Medium-Term Accommodation and provides around the clock care from a team of trained support workers funded by the NDIS
  • Collaborates with our Specialist Support Coordinators Homes team to find new ‘forever homes’
  • Partners with other professions and allied health teams to assist participants with their NDIS plans and funding requirements.
  • Within a Multidisplinary team work to develop person-centred support plans that meet the needs of each individual.
  • Ensures individual goals are captured and monitored within a person’s support plan

To find out more, email info@holasupport.com.au

Improved Living Arrangements


If you need support to find or keep suitable accommodation we can provide the level of support you need and help guide you to find and keep a place that is just right for you.

  • Applying for a rental property
  • Meeting your tenancy obligations
  • Getting home modifications and quote
  • Accessing SDA accommodation or support coordination

If you’d like to find out how we can help improve your living arrangements call us: (08) 7078 5845

Need help to

Exit the Hospital & re-enter community